Monday, July 27, 2009

Timesplitters Future Perfect Online Videos + The Greatest Invention Ever

I recorded my latest online game of timesplitters future perfect (ps2 version) that was played through xlink. You are probably sick of hearing about xlink, but too bad Timesplitters Future Perfect's real online servers are long dead but xlink allows this game and many others to be played online forever.

So yea here is 2 videos of my most recent game of this online through xlink.

Video 1

Video 2

O yea, the greatest invention ever is shoes with velcro!! I bought my first pair yesterday. I never had tried on a pair before because I thought they would be uncomfortable. But man! I should have looked into these sooner. Now I can be even lazier! FUCK YOU shoelaces and the backbreaking labor required to tie you!

O, I also picked up a new slim ps2 for $100 bucks at Target. It is the silver 90001 model.

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