Thursday, January 21, 2010

I moved into a room that is smaller than Jay Leno's amount of decency.

Moving sucks. Why can't somebody invent some teleportation device so I dont have to pack my stuff into boxes, pack those boxes on a dirty rented truck, then unpack those boxes in a tiny room, and then unpack in that room and have no way to walk through it for a week???

I got here on sunday. This room is really really really really tiny. It was not meant to be a bedroom. It has a window but no sunlight reaches it. When I wake up at 2pm (early morning for me) it is still pitch black in here. It bothers the hell out of me. I am going to buy a lamp timer or something to turn my lights on when I need to wake up. Otherwise, I wont realize its daytime and I need to wakeup for school lol.

But yea it is my fault I am stuck here for awhile. I was rushing to find a place before school starts, so I did not think carefully enough about how turdy it will be like living here. I now get 6 months of living in a batcave!

Here is a crappily shot video of my amazing room using a Playstation 2 eyetoy. Hopefully my violent thrashing around with the camera makes you nauseous. That would be cool.

Also, I dont know how many of you people have been paying attention to the whole Jay Leno being a butthead thing and wanting to take Conan's show back from him. It is a complicated thing. But basically Jay Leno is a buttfaced sleazebucket.

Despite your feelings on this issue. You must give Jimmy Kimmel tons of credit for this. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long long time. Jay Leno is basically castrated on his own show Watch the whole thing. It get progressively funnier and genius as it goes along.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A very very very stupid blog. Enjoy!

This conversation may make a bit more sense if you read this blog first . Also, you grammar nazis out there may want to avoid reading this. This is a spur of the moment conversation so there is lots of crimes against grammer contained within this mass of text. I am far too lazy to clean up the grammatical errors. To save yourself from wetting yourself in horror, you may wish to flee this webpage as soon as possible.

11:48:40 PM) Mr.Hill: F.W.Buchholz High School
(11:48:55 PM) ME: ?
(11:49:01 PM)Mr. Hill:
(11:49:13 PM)Mr. Hill: i bet that school really stinks
(11:49:19 PM)ME: hahahaha
(11:49:42 PM)ME: farty weiner bucholz high school
(11:50:29 PM)Mr. Hill: lol
(11:51:34 PM)ME: ill be up for a long time to play something else, but guessing ur going to bed
(11:51:45 PM)Mr. Hill: yessir
(11:51:50 PM)ME: or searching for other buchholz things
(11:52:06 PM)Mr. Hill: i don't know why there is an animal on their site
(11:52:13 PM)Mr. Hill: it needs to be a giant asshole
(11:52:21 PM)ME: fecalfeline
(11:52:39 PM)ME: or felion
(11:52:46 PM)ME: forget the spelling
(11:52:51 PM)ME: its a buchcat
(11:53:04 PM)ME: meowholtz
(11:53:54 PM)ME: "Siemens Foundation and College Board
Recognizes Buchholz
for Outstanding Math, Science Education"

(11:53:57 PM)ME: haahhahahahahahaahahahahahah

(11:54:10 PM)Mr. Hill: i heard they have a great anatomy teacher
(11:54:19 PM)Mr. Hill: who makes all the students perform self enema
(11:54:51 PM)ME: lol
(11:55:10 PM)ME: Gainesville, Florida
(11:55:16 PM)ME: hey you can go for a visit

(11:55:30 PM)ME: "New to Gainesville? Thinking of attending Buchholz?"

(11:55:31 PM)Mr. Hill: yeah, you know that kid i saw with the buchholz shirt?

(11:55:38 PM)Mr. Hill: that is the place

(11:55:41 PM)ME: lmao

(11:55:47 PM)ME: you nutjob Floridians

(11:56:07 PM) Mr. Hill:you are killing me with the buchholz jokes
(11:56:58 PM)ME:
(11:57:10 PM)ME: those werent jokes
(11:57:15 PM)ME: those were quotes from their site
(11:58:10 PM)Mr. Hill: Buchholz boys
(11:58:12 PM)ME: "Buchholz boys duo ties for 11th at state:"
(11:58:13 PM)Mr. Hill: LOL
(11:58:29 PM)Mr. Hill: the kid in the back, HAHA
(11:58:44 PM)ME:
(11:59:02 PM)ME: "Support the Buchholz Bobcat wrestlers and come experience
the WILL to WIN. "
(11:59:05 PM)ME: o man....
(11:59:08 PM)ME: this is too much
(11:59:25 PM)ME: "Head Coach
(11:59:26 PM)ME: ahahhahah
(1/9/2010 12:01:29 AM)Mr. Hill: Bill Pankey wants some hanky panky from the Buchholz boys
(12:02:01 AM)ME: lmao
(12:02:04 AM)ME: this is just classic
(12:06:10 AM)ME: lmao
(12:06:32 AM)ME: dude, would you mind if I posted the buccholz part of this convo on my blog? This is fucking hilarious
(12:06:42 AM)ME: I could change your name if u want so crazyies dont im u
(12:07:00 AM)Mr. Hill: yeah, sure
(12:07:08 AM)Mr. Hill: call me uhh... Mr. Hill
(12:07:25 AM)ME: lmfao
(12:07:26 AM)ME: ok
(12:10:36 AM)ME: alright i really need to go eat
(12:10:44 AM)ME: this buchholtz talk was too distracting
(12:11:41 AM)ME:
(12:14:45 AM)ME: holy shit
(12:14:47 AM)ME: holy shit
(12:14:49 AM)ME:
(12:14:53 AM)ME: they have a guestbook!!!!!
(12:15:06 AM)Mr. Hill: oh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDDd
(12:15:28 AM)ME: ah, we have to register for some shit account
(12:15:30 AM)ME: its free though
(12:15:33 AM)ME: I am going to do it
(12:18:39 AM)ME: meh
(12:18:44 AM)ME: it sounds like too much of a hassle
(12:18:52 AM)ME: damn you buchholzes!!!
(12:19:07 AM)Mr. Hill: they are truly buchholzes to the end
(12:19:27 AM)ME: yea the terms of service to register are a bit stinky
(12:20:05 AM)ME: No wonder why this poor buchholz high school has zero signatures in their guestbook.
(12:20:19 AM)Mr. Hill: you mean their holtzbook
(12:20:46 AM)ME: guestbuch
(12:21:32 AM)Mr. Hill: ha
(12:21:43 AM)Mr. Hill: a buchholz for guests to use at their own convenience
(12:22:22 AM)ME: lol
(12:22:24 AM)ME: well I need to go eat
(12:22:32 AM)ME: this site gave me tons of laughs
(12:22:52 AM)ME: wonder if their sports jerseys are all brown
(12:23:12 AM)ME: The janitors must spend a lot of time cleaning up in the bathrooms
(12:23:17 AM)ME: buchholzes can be very messy
(12:23:18 AM)ME: lmao
(12:23:26 AM)Mr. Hill: lol
(12:23:34 AM)Mr. Hill: especially if they have had korean food [This relates to a recent experince of mine. I shall tell the story in equation form. Crappy Korean Restaurant's Food + My Digestive System = Long Time On Toilet]
(12:23:40 AM)ME: lol
(12:24:00 AM)ME: alright well ttyl
(12:24:01 AM)ME: food time

Some of you may wonder why the person I am talking to is labeled as "Mr.Hill". Well you sleazy skimmers of blogs, had you read the whole thing you would see why lol.

I shall show mercy to those of you who fear big blocks of text like the one above. I will just tell you why the other person is shown as "Mr.Hill". We like the show King of the Hill. It is muy hilarioso. I was not sure how many stalkers and everyday lunatics frequent my blog, so the other guy came up with the "Mr.Hill" alias to protect himself from being tracked down by you crazies lol.

Internet blog? Bwwwaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

A few of you overly curious readers may wonder why there is random spaces between lines of dialogue. I had to mess with a link to get it to work and for some reason it messed up the formatting. NO matter what I did I could not get rid of those blank lines. O well.

Also, here is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen in my life. It may also scar you for life. Click at your own risk.

Someone showed me this video in a offtopic forum which did not get locked, despite the site's extremely strict rules. So, it is nothing too bad, but I would not open this up at work or something.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A few games I have been playing.

I like how I never mentioned anything Christmasy/ holidays related in a blog. I think I will keep that up. Oh wait, DOH. I just mentioned it. You know I like the grinch character, all before he turns good at the end lol. Christmas kind of annoys me a bit, I do not know why.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... Not sure what I should talk about. It has been over 2 weeks since my last blog, so I know you are all eagerly awaiting for another glimpse into my lazyhobomind.

Oh yea, I have been watching the Sopranos. I finished season one yesterday. I really like this show. Mafia stuff is always so entertaining. I got the 4th disc of the season from Netflix last night, assuming there would be 4 hour long episodes on there like the other 3 discs. I watched one episode and realized it was the last of the season and discovered the rest of the disc only had special features. Ugh... now I must wait 3 or 4 days for my next rental to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I bought another PS3 game. It cost me 30 dollars used. I was not happy with that price, but I had promised that one haze loving fool from a previous blog containing a rant about a smelly turd game . I had promised this guy that if he bought Jak X: Combat Racing by 12/21/09 that I would keep haze and do one online co op playtrhough of the games unbelievably horrid single player campaign. I ended up at that buy 2 get 1 free deal where I saw terrible crimes against all of gamerkind. I could not resist selling off Haze and so I did. I broke my word about keeping that crudtastic game, so I had to buy some other game that this dude wanted. He wanted me to get another online co-op ps3 game. Having already gotten cheap vomity games like Army of Two and Haze for that reason, I decided that if I did get another ps3 online co op game it would have to be at least slightly good. After surveying my options like that 50 cent blood on the sand game... I decided getting Call of Duty: World at War used for 30 dollars was my best bet.


Call of Duty: World at War (PS3)


I finished the singleplayer campaign of Call of Duty: World at War. I would rate that like a 7/10. It ripped off way too many movies and games. It copied cod4 in many ways unsurprisingly. It had the "sniping level" like cod4. I love sniping. I still somewhat enjoyed this level but its blatant rip off of cod4's idea and the movie "Enemy at the Gates" really annoyed me. The sniping scenario starts out almost identical to a scene in that movie.

This game was obsessed with flamethrowers and fire. Like it was fun using one to burn down enemy infested grass and trees for 5 minutes, but after that holding down the trigger button and flailing my joystick around to light stuff on fire got boring quick.

This game also did not seem to run nearly as smooth as cod4 (aiming response and frame rate), but maybe that was just me.

I did enjoy the gore in this game though lol. It has Saving Private Ryan level gore when people get near explosives. O yea, this game also ripped off the D-day scene from that movie. It even had the above water and under water camera shots of the soldiers who got shot out of their boats. I personally think that Conker's Bad Fur Day on N64 did the best verion of this scene lol.

The singleplayer campaign also seemed a lot more linear and hostile to free movement around the environment than cod4. I ran into lots of invisible walls and it annoyed me. At least in cod4 you had buildings which had real walls, so it did not feel as limiting as running into a random fence or line of trees that had some type of supernatural ability to keep me from moving past them.

Also, this game made me realize how sick of WW2 games I am. I am sick of having to shoot mother fucking stupid garands! At least this game changed it up by having like 40 percent of the campaign be based in the Japanese side of WW2.

Another minor annoyance in the game was that it had those "modern" crazy randomly moving type of intro graphic thingamajigs that cod4 had. They were almost comical to me. The screen would flip around way too often and unnecessarily. These intros just seemed so out of place in a ww2 game set in the 1940s.

Alright, enough of my bitching about the single player.


Luckily the multiplayer of this game is quite good. I would rate it a 8 out of 10. It basically just takes cod4 and gives it a new World War 2 theme. I find the sniping to be much more enjoyable in this game when compared to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. In Cod4, they made sniper rifles so weak that they might as well had shot rubber bullets at people. It would take 2 shots to the chest at least to kill people usually. I know they wanted to keep things balanced, but as a sniper you are at a severe disadvantage since you are useless at close range. The game likes to randomly spawn people 10 feet away from you too. The whole point of being a sniper is that they have long range powerful weapons, but are crappy in close range fighting. If you take away the effectiveness of their weapon they are pretty useless. Luckily Cod4 had this stupid sniper rifle that was rapid fire but weak. You had to just learn to spam shots very quickly and use it like a machine gun. It was fun, but did not feel like a real sniper rifle. In Cod5 the sniper rifle is powerful and can kill with one hit to the chest, but like all the WW2 weapons reloads slowly which makes it a balanced weapon.

Also, Nazi Zombies is freaking insanely fun. This is a mode where randomly dead nazi's start rushing at your shoddy run down location. You have lots of windows, but they are only covered by a few hastily placed boards. The zombies try to get in by tearing the wood planks from the windows. You got to kill them and repair the windows when you have time in between the zombie slaying. The amount and speed of the zombies increases with each wave and things get intense quickly. I think this mode is better than the entire single player campaign lol.

**************End of Call of Duty: World at War Spoilers********************

Wow, this blog has morphed into a insanely long boring one. Cool. I feel proud of myself.

Demon's Souls (PS3)

I was eagerly waiting to be done with finals so I could hop back onto this superb game. I had not played it for 3 weeks because I did not want to fail my finals. This game was so addicting that when playing it I got very little done, so I had to ignore this marvelous game for far too long. When I finally did get to play the game again.... I finished the game within 5 hours. The game took me around 65 hours total to finish. The ending was a bit unsatisfying. But the game was so good that I still think the game is amazing. I felt very sad after finishing it though, because I craved more demon slaying, but I did not feel like replaying the game again on the harder difficulty just yet. I rated this game a 9 out of 10 and it was one of the best gaming experiences I have had this whole year.

Eye Toy Play 2 (PS2)

I just got this in the mail today. I got the game and eyetoy camera itself new for around 20 dollars. The game has a bunch of minigames on there like table tennis, some ninja smacking game, a chef game, a drumming game, and many others. My mom even played it lol. It is pretty fun because it is so different. I can see myself growing tired of it after a bit though. I also got this because I found drivers that let you use the camera as a pc webcam. The eyetoy also works on ps3 for video chat and stuff.

PixelJunk: 3 in 1 Pack (PS3) [Imported from Korea]

I also imported my first game ever this month. I got a new copy of the PixelJunk: 3 in 1 Pack off of ebay for around 30 dollars. It contains 3 PSN games on a disc. It was not released in North America. I refuse to buy digital download only games, so I am very happy to be able to get a hard copy of these games so that I can actually play them.The disc edition of these games also has the game soundtracks for 2 of the games and includes PS3 themes based off the games.

PixelJunk Monsters is the only game I have played extensively so far. It is a tower defense game. That means that you have an area to defend and monsters will march in from parts of the map on their evil buttmunchy mission to destroy the area you are defending. You run around the map setting up towers in trees that will shoot at the monsters in different ways. There are lots of different tower types. They can shoots arrows, cannon balls, lightning stuff, fire and other things. The towers can also be upgraded by killing enemies or if you move your character over to one and dance. LOl, I am serious. Dancing makes your towers get stronger. You also have to collect coins things from killed enemies. These are used to buy new towers. You also collect rare gems or something that can be used to research new tower types or quickly upgrade existing towers. This game is very addicting.

The game is so awesome it even has a built in video capture thing that lets you record footage of you match and upload it directly to youtube. I decided to use it.

The other 2 games I have barely touched. I have not started PixelJunk Eden at all, but I played its demo months ago and loved it. I only played PixelJunk Racers for less than 10 minutes, so I cannot claim to have a valid opinion of the game yet.

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