Friday, July 17, 2009

Red Faction 2 Video and Other Stuff

I just got a vcr yesterday. It was $4 at a thrift store and works great.

I also put up a youtube video. It is of red faction 2 multiplayer gameplay against bots. I did it to test out how recording gaming footage to my vcr and then transfering to the pc would turn out. The quality doesnt look too much worse then when I I captured the video directly to the pc in my other videos.

In other news, I just found out this week that I will be stuck on crappy wireless internet at my apartment next semester. I thought I would be able to get my own dsl connection. It just sucks since I do quite a bit of online gaming and wireless sounds like it will not work too great for that. My lease is 6 months though so I will have to just deal with it.

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