Monday, July 27, 2009

Timesplitters Future Perfect Online Videos + The Greatest Invention Ever

I recorded my latest online game of timesplitters future perfect (ps2 version) that was played through xlink. You are probably sick of hearing about xlink, but too bad Timesplitters Future Perfect's real online servers are long dead but xlink allows this game and many others to be played online forever.

So yea here is 2 videos of my most recent game of this online through xlink.

Video 1

Video 2

O yea, the greatest invention ever is shoes with velcro!! I bought my first pair yesterday. I never had tried on a pair before because I thought they would be uncomfortable. But man! I should have looked into these sooner. Now I can be even lazier! FUCK YOU shoelaces and the backbreaking labor required to tie you!

O, I also picked up a new slim ps2 for $100 bucks at Target. It is the silver 90001 model.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Video Game Finds at Thrift Stores


Super Mario Kart $3
Mario Paint $3 (mouse for the game $1.50)


Super Sprint $1
Back to the Future 2 and 3 $1
Super Spike V'Ball $1

Hey Look the governator of California is hiding on this game cover on the right side.

Top Players Tennis $1
Nintendo World Cup $1
Ice Hockey $1
Pro Wrestling $1
Captain Skyhawk $1

I got all of these like 2 days ago. The nes games came in 2 packs so I could not avoid getting a couple crap games like back to the future 2 and 3 and top players tennis.

About a week before this I also got these


tetris $1.50
Bases Loaded 2: Second Season $1.50

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My PS2 is very very sick...

Something bad has happened. My ps2 is dying. The old sob has served me well for about 7 years but now it cannot read blue discs and is giving me disk read errors for them. I tried cleaning the lens and that did not fix it. My last option was to adjust a gear inside the ps2 to change the angle of the laser lens. I was working on that when I bumped the case of the ps2 and it disconneted a very important wire. With it disconnected my ps2 cannot turn on

I found some guides on how to reconnect that wire though. So I may be able to save my ps2's life still. If not I will be forced to pay full retail price for a new ps2

Also I found super mario world for snes for 5 bucks today at a thrift store!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Videos of Jak X: Combat Racing Online

just posted up 2 videos from an online gameplay session I just had with this game. This game is for the ps2 and is basically a more violent/explosion filled mariokart with other crazy modes thrown in. This game has sadly had its online servers taken down meaning that it normally would be offline forever. However a program called xlink lets you do something called lan tunneling which basically tricks your ps2 into thinking other players are on your local area network when they could be across the world.

So yea here is 2 videos of my online game session through xlink.

(Video 1) Two Races

(Video 2) Deathmatch and Sporthunt

Friday, July 17, 2009

Red Faction 2 Video and Other Stuff

I just got a vcr yesterday. It was $4 at a thrift store and works great.

I also put up a youtube video. It is of red faction 2 multiplayer gameplay against bots. I did it to test out how recording gaming footage to my vcr and then transfering to the pc would turn out. The quality doesnt look too much worse then when I I captured the video directly to the pc in my other videos.

In other news, I just found out this week that I will be stuck on crappy wireless internet at my apartment next semester. I thought I would be able to get my own dsl connection. It just sucks since I do quite a bit of online gaming and wireless sounds like it will not work too great for that. My lease is 6 months though so I will have to just deal with it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Zombies + Fire + Shotguns

I used Timesplitters Future Perfect's Mapmaker program to design this "story" map. The game lets you basically create your own level. I made a zombie survival type scenario where I only have a slowly reloading shotgun to defend myself against a zombie onslaught. The longer I survive the more zombies spawn to kill me. If I survive long enough some crazy dude will pop out and light everything on fire. I think it turned out pretty well considering the limitations of the mapmaker program. Check out the video of me playing it by clicking the preview pictures or the link.

I feel slighty less dirty...but the shame still haunts me (originally posted on on 6/15/09)

Ok so I am going to tell you guys something very horrible, it may change how you feel about me.

I bought Soldier of Fortune Paypack on ps3 about a year ago.

Why is my conscience so plagued by a video game?? Well , that is because this is one of the worst shooters ever made and I enjoyed it the first playthrough I was bored as hell that day so any game would have been good, but I still feel shame for having liked this game. After playing some better shooters again though I realized the terrible lapse in judgement I made in purchasing this. Yesterday I started the path to recovery by pawning this game off at a gamecrazy.

Please Everyone! Avoid this game! Yes sof 1 and 2 were great on pc, but this one is a different devloper. Not even the gore can save it. I read the reviews of the game before buying it, but I was young and naive, I thought "it can't be that bad" and "maybe the gore will still be fun" BUUT OOO HOW WRONG I WAS!

To give you an idea of how bad this game is, on the pc version people are so bored with the game that for its online they made a mod to make all the characters naked. They are all men. Now you see the destructive force that this game can unleash on society!

I may have finally removed this abomination from my gaming library, however another game I have still refused to release me from its evil hold. This game is Madden 06. I try selling it I do!! 3 Times I have gone to gamestops and gamecrazys hoping to get rid of this, but they say no. A new madden comes out every week so they do not buy the old ones. How do I get rid of it!! I don't have the heart to just throw away a game and I can't sell it.... you see the game is evil and will cling onto my gaming library leeching away its awesomness until I can get rid of it.

Somebody save me from this game, no not a game, a football simulation, it's not a game I tell you!!! I should not have to memorize 50 football plays to play offense ! I want to play a game!!! not learn a sport!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH

Public Restroom Wall Comedians (originally posted on 4/13/09 on

I have to use public restrooms alot when at my college campus. There is always some dumb ass who has written stuff on the inside of stalls, but I was actually impressed with one of these idiot's bathroom writings. One guy wrote in the spaces between tiles on the wall. You know on that white stuff (grout) between tiles. He wrote like 30 sayings where he substituted the word grout for other words. There were such gems like "o my grout!", "grout expectations", "grout wall of china", "Oscar the grout". There were tons of these all over the spaces between tiles. Kept me entertained for awhile. This guy must eat tons of fiber and spend a lot of time in the bathroom to have written these all down.

Damn, what a stupid blog haha. O well.

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