Sunday, August 2, 2009

hOLy cRaP: tHeY aRe wAtChInG mE!

If you are a very paranoid person or find yourself on the verge of schitzophrenia you may not want to watch this...

After watching this I suggest taking a look at polsci's profile image (on to complete your loss of sanity due to paranoia.;user;1

This is a episode of nova that aired on pbs, you can watch the full episode here (theres a full screen mode too). (Yea thats right, I watch PBS, So fucking what!) It starts off talking about how crappy government agency bueracracies could have stopped 9-11, but since they have the mindsets of 5 year olds they refused to talk to each other because they wanted to get the attention for doing a good job.

This is also about some agency called the NSA. They are insane. You think you have privacy?? They burst into laughter until their undergarments are severely soiled with chuckle-induced, foul smelling, rear-end excrement when you think such a silly thought.

Sorry for the long run on sentences and terrible grammer but I have been up for 2 days with 5 hours sleep because I have been packing stuff and moving, o and I got a $4 svhs vcr today at a thrift store for any of you that know what that is, o and 5 hour energy made me really gassy today, o and I had in and out burger today and it was really quite delicious, o and if you actually finished this sentence you are a very patient person and should become a monk or something, o fine, here is a period to end this bestest mostest gramtically correct sentence everest (not the mountain everest, which I just read a book about recently it was called "into thin air" it was a decent read, but I mean the word ever + est , like it meant never - n + for in front of the word + the words out of in front of that, did all that math blow your mind?, it just blew my mine, pieces of it are all over the walls it is a real mess, didnt I promise to end this sentence a few lines ago?, I cant remember, o well) hey I think I have made a run-on paragraph, I did not know those existed, perhaps I created it with my sleep deprived genius, I am now a distinguished inventor apparently, Suck my balls Thomas Edison, time to run to the patent office.

Soon you will be like bart!

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