Monday, July 13, 2009

Public Restroom Wall Comedians (originally posted on 4/13/09 on

I have to use public restrooms alot when at my college campus. There is always some dumb ass who has written stuff on the inside of stalls, but I was actually impressed with one of these idiot's bathroom writings. One guy wrote in the spaces between tiles on the wall. You know on that white stuff (grout) between tiles. He wrote like 30 sayings where he substituted the word grout for other words. There were such gems like "o my grout!", "grout expectations", "grout wall of china", "Oscar the grout". There were tons of these all over the spaces between tiles. Kept me entertained for awhile. This guy must eat tons of fiber and spend a lot of time in the bathroom to have written these all down.

Damn, what a stupid blog haha. O well.

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