Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Great Weight Has Been Lifted From My Shoulders...

NO, I was not decapitated. Although it would be pretty impressive if I managed to operate a computer and type an emmy -award winning blog (hey, the ps3 won an emmy for its controller, I kid you not Proof ) without my noggin.

The weight that was removed was a bunch of mind-numbingly bad video games.

If you are not a jerk / jerkette, perhaps you rember this blog?

I sold off Soldier of Fortune: Payback quite awhile ago, but still had Madden NFL 06 for ps2 until today / yesterday (it is 3 am so technically it was yesterday, but still feels like the same day, you know what I am saying my fellow insomniacs? You Dont? Well Sir / Maam, you must be quite the poopsicle / poopsiclette !)

So, anyways... I visited a local / independent gaming store in San Francisco today. It is called star games and opened up last year. I just found out about it a few weeks ago and was eager to support a game store that wasnt owned by an evil corporation (*cough* gamestop and gamecrazy *cough*)

I had a backpack full of turd-like games that I needed to dispose of. They included these marvelous contributions to the gaming world! ( Intense Sarcasm)


Back to the Future 2 and 3

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

WWF WrestleMania


(I also brought excitebike. It is not bad but I already have the gba version)


Superman (Surely the greastest game ever made??? )

WCW Mayhem



Silent Scope

Socom (Not Trash like these other games, but I could not get into it.)

These craptastic games were cluttering up my apartment and I had decided to get rid of them once and for all. I thought that the guys / guyettes at this store would not buy back these terrible games, but I was wrong. They gave me 3 bucks a piece for about all those terrible nes games. They only gave me 1 dollar for some because they already had too many copies of them.

Also, Prepare yourself...

They Gave me money for this....

Look at his face! Even he is angry to be in this game! He even put a giant S on his chest which means "SUCKS"

Superman on N64

I received $3 dollars for this game. I still cannot believe this. I feel a little guilty to tell you the truth. I feel like I strangled an unsuspecting puppy or something. But o well, perhaps someone will buy it from them (bahahahahahahahahahah)

The guy said he couldn't take my copies of Socom and Madden NFL 06 for ps2 because they were too scratched (they sure were, thank you so much hollywood video customers) The thought of taking Madden NFL 06 back with me made me vomit a little in my mouth.

I started sweating profusely and felt lightheaded. My body could not handle that outcome. It seemed like it was revolting at the mere idea of me keeping that game. If I did keep it, I fear my body would refuse to function anymore. So, to save my own life I said "Well, you can have Socom and Madden Nfl 06 as a donation". I am so generous...

I am free of the curse of these wretched games! Unfortunately for this independent game store, Star Games now has both Madden NFL 06 and Superman on N64. I wouldn't at all be suprised to hear in the news that their store had spontaneously combusted ,or that an angry mob of video gamers had burned the store to the ground, or that having those 2 games in that store caused a portal to another dimension to open up ( a dimension where the only games ever made are Superman 64 and Madden NFL 06 ...)


  1. You have a very unique way to blog. Good stuff!

  2. I wish I could get a copy of superman 64....I just want to see why it's one of the worst games ever!~

  3. Lol, believe me it's not worth the time to see it. It is bad. Very, very bad. 80 percent of the game involves flying through rings. ON top of that, flying through the rings is way too hard.

  4. Hey Famicom Freak, today is your lucky day because the AVGN did an episode about Superman, so you can see it and not much. I have a copy of C. Sandiego for the NES...can't wait to play that one!

  5. Wow nice! I heard that game is good.

  6. I know we hate Madden 06 for completely different reasons (they took user designed plays out of the franchise mode... bastards).

    If you are looking to get rid of some of your other PS2/3 games, you might want to look into a site called Goozex. You wouldn't have been able to drop Madden 06 there, but you might have gotten a few games for the SOF game.

  7. I have heard of that site, and even signed up for it yesterday, but after reading about how it works I dont think I will use it. You have to pay shipping and a dollar fee basically for every game you get. So you are already spending 6 dollars before you do anything. That would be fine if you traded current generation games, but I mainly am into older consoles games,which usually dont cost more than the cost of shipping.

  8. No, you only pay shipping for the games you ship out. The dollar thing per trade is there, it is true, but you tend to get a lot more value for your trade than you would at someplace like Gamestop. (Put it this way, I got 10 really good PS2 games for my copy of FF 7 when I started).

  9. O, well even still I rarely trade back games anyways. I only do when I happen to get really terrible games,so I would not get much credits for them.


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