Thursday, September 3, 2009

College Is Taking A Dump In My Mind

I have not been able to play any games on my consoles in over a week!

School started for me only about a week ago. Yet, since then I have been doing nothing but going to class and doing homework all day until I pass out at night. This has been happening every single day since school started. I am not even being lazy and procrastinating. If I do not get at least 80 pages of reading done in a night I will fall so far behind that it will be impossible to catch up with the readings for my classes.

me every day this week (well I am about 75% paler and have only worn a dress shirt maybe 5 times in my life)

Looking at the syllabuses for my classes, I realized that I would be following this same schedule for the entire semester...

Plus, there are fun things like projects and exams that would make the workload even more unbearable.

I think that I have to drop a class and take 12 units instead of 15. In order to graduate in 4 years you basically need to take 15 units every semester. If I kept all my classes this semester I would just spontaneously combust randomly mid-semester.

UGH though. If I drop a class I will have to be in college 1 more semester, meaning that my student loan will cost even more. But dammit! why do all these college professors act like they are the only class you are taking! 70 pages is the max that should be assigned for a 2 day time period. Yet, 2 of my professors like to increase that to 100 pages or more.

I am already losing my mind from a week of this tedious bull shit. Half the readings I force myself to get through are mentioned for 5 mins in the class. WTF, if the reading is not important for the class why do I have read 70 pages of it!!!!

Plus, this is all before I have even had to do any work for my history seminar course. This course basically involves a crapload of readings or a paper due every week. Plus I will need to write a 12-15 page paper for the class this semester.

I can feel myself turning into a crazy cat, delirous donkey, mental monkey, overworked ostrich, grumpy goose, pissed-off panda, enraged emu, because of all this stupid crap.

Like a dung beetle, I feel surrounded by shit

All work and no play....

leads to RED RUM!!!

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  1. Wow sorry to hear about that. I know how college can be. Keep working hard though but don't over due it. Take care


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