Saturday, January 9, 2010

A very very very stupid blog. Enjoy!

This conversation may make a bit more sense if you read this blog first . Also, you grammar nazis out there may want to avoid reading this. This is a spur of the moment conversation so there is lots of crimes against grammer contained within this mass of text. I am far too lazy to clean up the grammatical errors. To save yourself from wetting yourself in horror, you may wish to flee this webpage as soon as possible.

11:48:40 PM) Mr.Hill: F.W.Buchholz High School
(11:48:55 PM) ME: ?
(11:49:01 PM)Mr. Hill:
(11:49:13 PM)Mr. Hill: i bet that school really stinks
(11:49:19 PM)ME: hahahaha
(11:49:42 PM)ME: farty weiner bucholz high school
(11:50:29 PM)Mr. Hill: lol
(11:51:34 PM)ME: ill be up for a long time to play something else, but guessing ur going to bed
(11:51:45 PM)Mr. Hill: yessir
(11:51:50 PM)ME: or searching for other buchholz things
(11:52:06 PM)Mr. Hill: i don't know why there is an animal on their site
(11:52:13 PM)Mr. Hill: it needs to be a giant asshole
(11:52:21 PM)ME: fecalfeline
(11:52:39 PM)ME: or felion
(11:52:46 PM)ME: forget the spelling
(11:52:51 PM)ME: its a buchcat
(11:53:04 PM)ME: meowholtz
(11:53:54 PM)ME: "Siemens Foundation and College Board
Recognizes Buchholz
for Outstanding Math, Science Education"

(11:53:57 PM)ME: haahhahahahahahaahahahahahah

(11:54:10 PM)Mr. Hill: i heard they have a great anatomy teacher
(11:54:19 PM)Mr. Hill: who makes all the students perform self enema
(11:54:51 PM)ME: lol
(11:55:10 PM)ME: Gainesville, Florida
(11:55:16 PM)ME: hey you can go for a visit

(11:55:30 PM)ME: "New to Gainesville? Thinking of attending Buchholz?"

(11:55:31 PM)Mr. Hill: yeah, you know that kid i saw with the buchholz shirt?

(11:55:38 PM)Mr. Hill: that is the place

(11:55:41 PM)ME: lmao

(11:55:47 PM)ME: you nutjob Floridians

(11:56:07 PM) Mr. Hill:you are killing me with the buchholz jokes
(11:56:58 PM)ME:
(11:57:10 PM)ME: those werent jokes
(11:57:15 PM)ME: those were quotes from their site
(11:58:10 PM)Mr. Hill: Buchholz boys
(11:58:12 PM)ME: "Buchholz boys duo ties for 11th at state:"
(11:58:13 PM)Mr. Hill: LOL
(11:58:29 PM)Mr. Hill: the kid in the back, HAHA
(11:58:44 PM)ME:
(11:59:02 PM)ME: "Support the Buchholz Bobcat wrestlers and come experience
the WILL to WIN. "
(11:59:05 PM)ME: o man....
(11:59:08 PM)ME: this is too much
(11:59:25 PM)ME: "Head Coach
(11:59:26 PM)ME: ahahhahah
(1/9/2010 12:01:29 AM)Mr. Hill: Bill Pankey wants some hanky panky from the Buchholz boys
(12:02:01 AM)ME: lmao
(12:02:04 AM)ME: this is just classic
(12:06:10 AM)ME: lmao
(12:06:32 AM)ME: dude, would you mind if I posted the buccholz part of this convo on my blog? This is fucking hilarious
(12:06:42 AM)ME: I could change your name if u want so crazyies dont im u
(12:07:00 AM)Mr. Hill: yeah, sure
(12:07:08 AM)Mr. Hill: call me uhh... Mr. Hill
(12:07:25 AM)ME: lmfao
(12:07:26 AM)ME: ok
(12:10:36 AM)ME: alright i really need to go eat
(12:10:44 AM)ME: this buchholtz talk was too distracting
(12:11:41 AM)ME:
(12:14:45 AM)ME: holy shit
(12:14:47 AM)ME: holy shit
(12:14:49 AM)ME:
(12:14:53 AM)ME: they have a guestbook!!!!!
(12:15:06 AM)Mr. Hill: oh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDDd
(12:15:28 AM)ME: ah, we have to register for some shit account
(12:15:30 AM)ME: its free though
(12:15:33 AM)ME: I am going to do it
(12:18:39 AM)ME: meh
(12:18:44 AM)ME: it sounds like too much of a hassle
(12:18:52 AM)ME: damn you buchholzes!!!
(12:19:07 AM)Mr. Hill: they are truly buchholzes to the end
(12:19:27 AM)ME: yea the terms of service to register are a bit stinky
(12:20:05 AM)ME: No wonder why this poor buchholz high school has zero signatures in their guestbook.
(12:20:19 AM)Mr. Hill: you mean their holtzbook
(12:20:46 AM)ME: guestbuch
(12:21:32 AM)Mr. Hill: ha
(12:21:43 AM)Mr. Hill: a buchholz for guests to use at their own convenience
(12:22:22 AM)ME: lol
(12:22:24 AM)ME: well I need to go eat
(12:22:32 AM)ME: this site gave me tons of laughs
(12:22:52 AM)ME: wonder if their sports jerseys are all brown
(12:23:12 AM)ME: The janitors must spend a lot of time cleaning up in the bathrooms
(12:23:17 AM)ME: buchholzes can be very messy
(12:23:18 AM)ME: lmao
(12:23:26 AM)Mr. Hill: lol
(12:23:34 AM)Mr. Hill: especially if they have had korean food [This relates to a recent experince of mine. I shall tell the story in equation form. Crappy Korean Restaurant's Food + My Digestive System = Long Time On Toilet]
(12:23:40 AM)ME: lol
(12:24:00 AM)ME: alright well ttyl
(12:24:01 AM)ME: food time

Some of you may wonder why the person I am talking to is labeled as "Mr.Hill". Well you sleazy skimmers of blogs, had you read the whole thing you would see why lol.

I shall show mercy to those of you who fear big blocks of text like the one above. I will just tell you why the other person is shown as "Mr.Hill". We like the show King of the Hill. It is muy hilarioso. I was not sure how many stalkers and everyday lunatics frequent my blog, so the other guy came up with the "Mr.Hill" alias to protect himself from being tracked down by you crazies lol.

Internet blog? Bwwwaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

A few of you overly curious readers may wonder why there is random spaces between lines of dialogue. I had to mess with a link to get it to work and for some reason it messed up the formatting. NO matter what I did I could not get rid of those blank lines. O well.

Also, here is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen in my life. It may also scar you for life. Click at your own risk.

Someone showed me this video in a offtopic forum which did not get locked, despite the site's extremely strict rules. So, it is nothing too bad, but I would not open this up at work or something.


  1. I'm beginning to wonder why I read those large blocks of much of intimidating

  2. Heh, well nobody is forcing you too. When I am extremely bored, I like large blocks of text haha.

  3. They're entertaining though, so it's not when I tried to read shitty books like Grapes of Wrath. Now those are some intense blocks of text!


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