Friday, November 20, 2009

A Wacky Week

I don't know if you guys noticed , but in my last blog I mentioned that I found mold under my window in my room. I was at first trying to convince myself that it was just a scuff mark or some dirt, but later that day I looked at it more closely and realized that it was for sure mold, and it was over a humongous section of my wall. The more walls of the room I checked, the more mold I found. It was even in my closet. You know that wooden legged table that my TV sat on in my gaming setup blog?? Its back legs were covered with mold, and I had to throw it out. Apparently mold is no new problem in this neighborhood. The buildings are townhouses, meaning they are long connected sections of apartments. They have flat roofs mostly. But even worse, the sections of the buildings that have normal triangular roofs are usually attached right behind or to the side of the flat roofs and they are like a story higher. This means that all the water runs off of the high up triangluar rooves and stays on top of the flat ones. The designers of this neighborhood deserve repeated kicks in the nads for this "brilliant" design.

The mold was really bad, so I had no choice but to move my ass out of there as quick as possible. The next day I managed to get all my stuff out and am living back with my parents until the semester is over in a month. I now get to spend 2 hours each way commuting to school. I take a boat for one hour and then a train for another hour 2 times a day now. I have to wake up at 5 am 2 days a week! That is usually when I go to sleep lol.

Anyways, I live (well lived) in San Francisco, one of the few cities that puts a lot of focus on its public transit system. Even a city that cares about its public transit system still manages to have an unreliable and piece of crap one. I can only imagine what the public transit in other cities must be like.

I SEE NO EVIDENCE TO VALIDATE YOUR CLAIMS!! You may be thinking to yourself angrily. Well, like I have mentioned in previous blogs, keep your damn pants on! I will give you some proof.

Well perhaps this guy should find some new pants.

The second day of commuting to school, the trains broke down. I had to take a shuttle bus instead, wasting an additional hour of my time. Fast forward to 12 hours later, I am going to start my trip back home. I assumed they must have fixed the problem and the trains would be up and running. They still weren't. Luckily, someone just returned from dealing with the crappy shuttle busses and informed me that the trains were still broken before I took that route

Teleport your mind 2 days forward. Shockingly, the trains actually work on my way to school. Although the trains had no mechanically problems, my particular train was invaded by a lone zombie hobo. I kid you not. As the train was nearing the school, I heard a weird grunting noise. I looked around the train and could not figure out where it came from. About 15 seconds later, I could hear another slow grunting noise and located its source. It was some old guy, with bloodshot eyes, pinkish/black humongous bags under his eyes, and a thin layer of white colored beard stubble. He had a small duffel bag, so I was not sure if he was a homeless guy, simply a crazy lad that wandered onto the train, or somebody high on some type of drug or model airplane glue. Once the train stopped I had my answer, but until then I got the treat of hearing

"aargh. aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghaarrrrrrgh. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH"

for the next 5 minutes.. As soon as the doors of the train opened when reaching my stop, this interesting character promptly marched himself over to the nearest trashcan and started digging around in it. I hope he found something nice. If he really was a zombie though, he would be disappointed since there were probably no brains in there.

On the way back from school, in the middle of the train trip the driver pulled to a stop and informed everyone to get out. He had no real reason just that his superiors told him to do this. We all had to get out and wait for the next train, while our previous train put up a sign "not in service" and slowly slinked away in the opposite direction. While this only cost me another 10 minutes, it was very annoying because it occurred during rush hour. I had actually managed to get a seat on the first train, but since the driver kicked us all out, on the next train I had the privelage of standing up on it for 40 more minutes. I have to carry a backback full of various school related crap, so it becomes quite heavy.

Well I should not just focus on the negative I guess. This new train I had to get on at least allowed me to experience something interesting. As we pulled into my stop, the train driver announced the stop in a Donald Duck style voice ( If you have no idea who Donald duck is… ) , continuing to make duck sounds for a few seconds after he announced the stop lmao.

Oh google image search, you teach me so many wonderful things. How else would I know that Elton John dressed up as Donald Duck at a concert?

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