Saturday, October 24, 2009

My First RPG Since Pokemon Yellow On Gameboy

I have never really been much of a rpg guy. It is not that I didn't like them, but I just thought it would take too much time and energy to get into them. My ps3 had been sitting around collecting dust for a few months and I felt like I needed to finally buy another ps3 game to put an end to that situation. I got a 25 dollar gift card to gamestop and had a very hard time deciding which new ps3 game I should get because I know I will not be buying another for a very long time. It was between Red Faction: Guerilla, Valkyria Chronicles, and Demon's Souls. I could not decide at all between the 3 so I just went into the shamestop to pick on the spot.

Crapstop made my decision easy because for Red Faction: Guerilla the only copies they had were the "new" ones where they violated the game by wripping off the plastic and taking out the discs. I refuse to buy "new" games.

The only copy of Valkyria Chronicles they had (was there the week before) was now gone too.

So, they had sealed copies of Demon's Souls and I picked one up. Although, I had to ask them for a sealed copy. The guy went and found one and then said "How come you want it sealed? Do you plan on never playing it? This really pissed me off. I said "well if I am going to pay full price for a game I want a copy that isn't already opened by your employees."

Anyways, I started playing it last night and played it about 6 hours last night and 4 hours so far today. It is very addicting and well worth the purchase in my opinion. I am a RPG noob, but even this games difficulty does not put me off very much. I think people greatly exaggerated the difficulty of this game. This game is about as hard as a good NES game, meaning there is lots of trial and error/pattern memorization. But, the difficulty is not cheap. When you die it is because you messed up.

I am still suprised I am liking a RPG so much haha.


  1. I've heard pretty good things about this game...sad that I don't own a PS3 to play it yet. *sniff*

    Also, I'm with you 100% on RPGs. It's not that I hate them, but most of them are very EPIC in scope, and they take me forever to finish. Disgaea was never meant to be a game that you could blow over in a matter of days after all.

  2. So it is God Hand hard (tough but fair).

  3. I think the difficulty is fair for the game. It is challenging but the game does not cheaply kill you much.

  4. I saw that you like Call of Duty 4 so I thought you might be interested in a Free Xbox 360 Video Game Contest that my organization is throwing. By the way, is there any games you're looking forward to that are about to come out?

  5. Heard the game is very good too and has cool, indirect ways of interacting with other online players. I'm a casual gamer, so I don't normally go for long RPGs either, though I pick one up now and again.

  6. Yes the online play is very unique. There is no voicechat. You cannot invite specific people to join you. You just place down a stone that shows up in other people's games and they can summon you to help them if they want. Or you can invade peoples games and try to kill them. I beat this game recently and am going to post a blog about that and other things momentarily.


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