Saturday, September 5, 2009

Metal + Video Games = MindGasm



I like heavy metal a lot.

I like video games a lot.

I was on youtube a week or 2 ago and found this.

Holy crap. Awesomeness.

I went nuts after finding this and favorited like 20 8-bit remixes of Metal songs. You can find them in the favorites part of my youtube channel.

I also found this cool site that lets you rip the audio off of youtube videos so you can download it.

Hells yes.


  1. Thats cool! I like listening to rock versions of game music too:

    On a largely unrelated note: Beatallica a Beatles and Metallica tribute band:

    Does your GS blog have the same content as your Blogger one?

  2. lmao at beatallica. Yea right now my has the same blogs as gamespot, except I can uncensor myself and let the curse words flow lol. Plus, I figure this will be the more permanent home of my blogs because there is always the chance I could get banned from gamespot and lose all my blogs.

    I only started this blog a month or 2 ago, and just very recently started getting some subscribers here. Now that there are actually a few people reading my blogs I will think about doing some original ones that I wont also post on gamespot.

  3. also what is your username on gamespot?

  4. Yeah, metal soundtrack, I kinda like it too. Try searching the Download Games that I was able to know a couple of weeks ago. You'll love them. Alot of games to choose from.


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