Thursday, August 4, 2011

Should I bother to keep blogging here?

I have really just been using this blog to backup my blogs from my gamespot profile since that is where I originally started blogging. I have stopped moving them over here for the past few months though because it didn't seem worth the effort really.

I don't think really anyone reads my blog here? I never see comments on them. Maybe you all are just shy? lol. I seem to have followers somehow though haha. If you think it's worth the effort for me to continue posting my blogs here let me know.


  1. No one reads mine either, LazyHoboGuy. It's disappointing, I know. But I still blog, because I enjoy it. I do come round here every so often to check your latests posts out, though. Do people comment more often over at the Gamespot blog?


    That is the link to my gamespot blog. Yea a small amount of people read it at least there.


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